If your phone is water resistant that isn’t something good enough to make it to the headlines as this is something happening very much since last several years but if you own an iPhone XS Max, you’re one step ahead of others as it has got IP68 rating water resistance that means it can withstand a dunk up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) for 30 minutes without damaging the goodness of your phone.
Not to mistaken, this phone of yours as waterproof as such a big announcement might take years to hit you up. So, when you on move to the rain-prone areas or going to some watery environment, you can take the protection for your phone to another level with the water case, which is being reviewed below:

Hitcase Splash Case for iPhone XS Max Review

Is it your cup of tea?
This waterproof case gives you the premium protection from dirt, sand and of course the water. So now without taking tension about your pricey phone you can jump into the pool or get under the shower as this IP68 water rating cleared case remains undamaged when even submerged into to 10ft/3m water.
The 2-piece light-weight design keeps your fashionista image alive as well without adding extra bulk or weight on your phone. So, if you’re enough careless to get your phone fallen in mud or getting it directly exposed to the water, this case is specially designed for you. The blend of Polycarbonate and TPU provides resistance against bumps and drops, which works as an icing on the cake for those looking for next-level protection.

This case coming with easy 2-piece installation doesn’t take away style from you. The overall style and the Action REDi button, making it convenient for taking photos works plus as it empowers your style too. It gives all the premium-feel whether you taking the first glance or holding it up in your hand. The covering around camera is exquisite as well and that makes it must-have whether you looking for style or even protection.

The premium material backed with the right design is something to last long, longer or even longest. With giving the ultimate protection to your phone it also maintains own goodness without getting wear and tear in weeks or months’ time.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

What it is made up of?
TPU and Polycarbonate

Value for Money (VFM)
It may look pricey in the first place but in longer-run with proving its efficiency, you would consider it as a right investment that too done timely. A $70 protective case for your $1000 phone is a safe bet for sure as it gives compact protection not just against the cracks, bumps, dings and scratches. It should be kept noted here that it is equally effective against mud, water and dirt as well.

Hitcase Splash Case for iPhone XS Max

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