iPhone XS Max unveiled earlier this year came out as a surprise to many as after the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus fiasco just few would have been expecting a phone of that much big size. Though the big size or phablet-look phones are holding the market to quite a much extent still iPhone X and those falling in similar size are making things work for Apple.
It isn’t that XS Max has failed to live it up to the hype; it’s actually keeping the majority in preference. As 2 of the 3 phones released by Apple were less or around 150mm, this beast standing at 157.5mm worked rightly for those eyeing to have big screens to watch films and seasons.
So, if you are reading this at your iPhone XS Max or planning to buy one this shopping season, this case review is actually for you.

iPhone XS Max Leather Case Apple

Is it your cup of tea?
The huge size of this phone means it isn’t meant for those who actually into one-hand use. However, it could frequently slip out of the hands even if you use it with two hands. So, in order to make sure you don’t burden your already not so good looking wallet condition after making an extravagant purchase of iPhone XS Max, we have got you the case for your phone and that too by the manufacturer itself.
This Apple case is simple and delicate; coming up with various color options it gives all the required protection to your phone without adding extra bulk on your pocket.
If you’re the one not looking for some exuberant or the glitzy case, this is most probably going to be the right one for you.

Coming in the finest European leather, this case has nothing much to offer when you asking to enhance your style. As it is the quite simple-looking case with no floral pattern or prints on it. It has the remarkable Apple logo on it back and that is quite enough to stand out as your style statement.
In the first place, this case makes your sizeable phone even look quite eye-soothing as it offers multi-colors that are quite eye-pleasing as well.

What else can be durable for your phone other than the case from the phone manufacturer itself? Apple understands what all it is required to guard your iPhone XS Max and one of such designed cases is under review here.
This case made from high-quality leather is specially designed to withstand all the tough situation heading towards your phone; plus it also gives assurance to stay long with your phone without getting wear and tear.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

  1. Peony Pink
  2. Cape Cod Blue
  3. Forest Green
  4. Taupe
  5. Saddle Brown
  6. Midnight Blue
  7. Saddle Brown
  8. Black
  9. Red

What it is made up of?
European Leather

Value for Money (VFM)
This $49 case gives the ultimate protection for your iPhone XS Max and that too enabling the wireless charging option when even on your phone.

iPhone XS Max Case Review

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