This amalgamation of glass and stainless steel standing at 157.5mm is eye-catching even in first glance and what makes it worthy enough is the gigantic 6.5 screen size and the rightly carved curves. Buying this one of the most hyped phones of this year and wrapping it up too much in the protective case won’t be a wise move. But still covering it with case is compulsion as in case it drops from your hand or bump into something it is likely to get dints, scratches and other damages as well.

So, you’re supposed to cover it or flaunt it; we’ve got it fixed for you with a case that provides protection but doesn’t stop you from flaunting.

Super Thin iPhone XS Max Case Review

Is it your cup of tea?
You don’t want to add some extra ounces on your phone in name of case then of course, you’re knocking at the right door. As this super thin case just 0.35mm ensures that you vaunt your iPhone XS Max with complete confidence as its branding-free and the clear option is transparent enough to make you feel like you haven’t covered your phone with anything. It also comes in different colors with many of them making sure you could showoff the Apple-logo on the backside.

One thing that might offend you is the thin protection means just resistance against minor-scratches and bumps but won’t show that effectiveness against the drops. So this would be your go-to case if you good at handling your phone and not looking for the ultra-protection for it.

iPhone XS Max, the latest release in iPhone batch carries on with the top notch style that one can’t resist. So, covering it with a full protective case won’t be a wise move but getting it damaged can make you pay hefty price for that. This case balances in between your style and the basic protection for your phone that gets you off from many of the untoward situations for your massive phone.

This seamless thin case gives you protection from all the minimal issues but it isn’t there too withstand long as it isn’t that durable. When even looking for the protection this case isn’t there to get you pampered in a comprehensive way but it is a better option when to choose in between going case-less or getting Peel up on charge.

Damage on Pocket
$25 USD

Colour Option:-

  1. Clear, Jet Black
  2. Jet White
  3. Blackout
  4. Silver
  5. Black
  6. Rose Gold

What it is made up of?
Smooth Plastic

Value for Money (VFM)
$25 for the partial protection of iPhone XS Max isn’t that pricey as it works apt when it is about the protection against minor scratches and bumps.


iPhone XS Max Review

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