Apple Inc. has taken ‘bigger the better’ phrase way too seriously and that has compelled them to make giant-sized phones, for sure they are least attractive to those eyeing one-hand use. Among the latest iPhone releases, iPhone X and XS are the two of the characters which aren’t that massive and even satisfy your wish to keep going on with the latest trends.
So if you’ve got your hands on either of the iPhone X or iPhone XS, the first thing you should go up with is a protective cover that offers you optimum protection round the clock. Here we bring you up one the most looked out for cases for both the above mentioned iPhone models:

Moshi Talos Case for iPhone XS/X Review

Is it your cup of tea?
If you’re gladiator fan or of the Greek mythologies this case has hit you uprightly as this warrior-theme like case offers interminable guard against the dirt, dints, bumps, scratches and what not. It may add a little to weight up on your phone but that would not make it look bulky; it would just shapen up to make it look like armour or something related to the artillery. This Moshi Talos case is inspired by Greek guardian of the island of Crete.
This case is a compact guard for your extravagant phone as it has cleared the military-grade drop protection and the ridges on both the sides of the phone make it even go-to case even for the most care-free person on planet Earth.

It will give you throwback to the Greek ancient age and most specifically the equipment or artillery they used to go out in warfare. In first glance, this case looks like having a metallic body as it denotes the armour design on the back. In actual, the back of this phone is made up of the carbon fibre pattern on the back.
The angular style on the back powers your style and speaks out for your uniqueness.

This case on the mission to provide ultra-protection is made up of high-quality material and that makes it too good to last long. The unorthodox design which offers precise cutouts, ridges on sides, a lightning port cover, and flush button cover pledges you the premium protection that is to carry on with the same potential for years.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

  1. Stealth Black
  2. Admiral Grey

What it is made up of?
Carbon Fiber, Soft microfiber, and a side GripTrak.

Value for Money (VFM)
Just for the $49.95 price tag, this case is the find of the year for you as it not hampers your style and still gives you enough protection from all around. Whether it is the ridges to enhance the grip on sides, lightning port cover or the Carbon fibre pattern on the back, this case gives you the comprehensive protection from anything that can worsen your day.

Moshi Talos Case for iPhone XS/X

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