iPhone 7 has been ruling the markets all across the globe; even though it had to face black days yet after its launch due to controversial headphone jack decision. But with the passage of time iPhone lovers look well adapted to all this situation as there are various other reasons one could opt this phone for.
To make sure optimum protection stays with your iPhone 7 around the clock and that to 365 days a year; here’s a review of one of the most wanted cases for this iPhone model.

Is it your cup of Tea?
That dual-layer case stays atop as this is one of the slimmest cases Speck has made without lessening the protection for your phone. The shimmering glitter makes it look too match catchy even in the first place but at the same time, it seem to more of the showoff case rather than protection. But the reality is actually opposed to it as this case has cleared 8-Foot drop test multiple times at third-party laboratories.
The shimmering glitter adds more to the beauty of your phone and the sleekness it offers make it look even more elegant.
This polycarbonate-backed with the IMPACTIUM protects bezels of your phone and makes it equally useful for the care-free persons out there.

In the modern world iPhone is a style statement and people are reluctant to hide it too much as it cost them their style. In general, the protective cases are too much of protective material covered all along, but this case from Speck is different as it is embedded with glitter crystals that mean your style just got upgraded to next level.

The crystal embedment on it may feel like a limited time thing but before you conclude everything about it yourself, you better need to know these crystals won’t fade or get torn out that easy. This case even providing the resistance against UV Yellowing is something you won’t shy to flaunt when even prone to the sunlight.
It should be noted here that Speck provides a 30-day unconditional guarantee. Moreover, the lifetime warranty works as an icing on the cake.

Damage on Pocket

Color Options

  1. Onyx/Gold Glitter
  2. Clear/Gold Glitter

What it is made up of?
Polycarbonate with the IMPACTIUM Shock Barrier.

Value for Money (VFM)
Declared as the iLounge Best iPhone Case of 2016; this Speck case for iPhone 7 has much to offer other than just the embellishment.
Costing you $44.95 for this dual-layered design that is topped up with bezel screen protection and last but not the least UV Yellowing resistance; this price tag for such a case looks quite ordinary.

Speck Presidio Clear + Glitter Case for iPhone 7

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